We offer global reach, supporting multiple industries including but not limited to: Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Logistics, Hospitality, Food Services, Industrial, Consumer Products, Education, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals.

Our core services help organizations protect their brand by identifying and measuring all areas which contribute to risk and loss.

We truly are a 'one stop' solution for so many Operational Risk and Loss Prevention services. Contact Us Today

  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluation:
  • We provide a thorough assessment of key regulatory processes, developing programs to evaluate; risk exposure, process improvement, training needs, improved documentation, and validated results in support of a program of continuing mitigation. These evaluations utilize subject matter experts and best practices across several industries to develop a successful risk remediation strategy compliant with OSHA, C-TPAT, ITAR and other agencies and regulatory requirements.

  • Vulnerability Diagnostics:
  • Our baseline assessment identifies all areas which contribute to risk and loss, including the following; operational process gaps, systemic flaws, and lack of training. This results in the establishment of a remediation strategy for identified exposures (comparing industry best practices to organization's current protocols. View Samples

  • Statistical Anaylsis:
  • We critically assesses key performance metrics, identifying trends and root causes, which provide us the data needed for the development of strategy and resource deployment. As part of our process, we build a customized predicative loss indicator report that measures impact in a proactive method. View Samples

  • Risk Programs Evaluated & Designed:
  • We provide a comprehensive assessment of programs such as pre-employment screening, civil recovery, risk and loss awareness, manager/associate training, and asset management. This provides insight into opportunities for savings, how best to protect assets, and expose areas which could cause liability for the company. We do so considering current industry trends, with sensitivity to budgetary constraints.

  • Operational/Regulatory Audits and Procedures:
  • This program validates current policies and procedures via audits. Validation can include procedural or regulatory compliance, employee integrity, and franchise reporting mechanisms, which will provide an accurate snapshot of what is happening versus inaccurate assumptions and/or reporting deficiencies. Once inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement are identified, policies and procedures can be developed to mitigate risk.

  • High Loss Location Program Development:
  • This program enables us to target the top 10%-15% of your highest loss locations, creating measures which positively mitigate loss and improve profitability. Our exception based approach provides the impetus for locations to want to be removed from this tier and to take the necessary steps to in order to improve results.

  • Mystery Shopping & Integrity Shopping Specialists:
  • This program reviews the effectiveness of the product and service offering by measuring the quality of customer service, compliance with regulations, training, and transactional integrity, while gathering specific information to protect your brand and compete more effectively. Once shops are completed, data analytics and dashboards are available real-time for review, distribution, and follow-up action. Read more here about why its critical for your business.

  • Out Source Solutions LP and Risk Management:
  • We act as an extension of your Risk & Loss Prevention department, performing field and corporate duties including:

  • � Assessment/efficiency of spend with respect to Risk & Loss Prevention payroll, capital expenditures, as well as, physical security staffing costs. We then are in a position to evaluate the value of these existing programs and as well, make recommendations for cost effective solutions.
  • � The oversight and development of departmental strategies and implementation, which may include; policies and procedures relative to loss prevention and risk practices, as well as staff guidance and review.
  • � Evaluation of existing security products, systems, and services, to include asset protection standards, POS exception-based reporting software, Closed Circuit Television and alarm systems.
  • Awareness Training Programs:
  • We facilitate training to all levels of your organization, from corporate to all exempt and non-exempt associates. We offer training on topics such as, alert signal training, customer service, impact on loss, safety awareness, new hire orientation, loss prevention basics and a variety of customized training programs.

  • Incident Management & Case Management Systems:
  • CRS offers custom Incident and Case Management tools with simple mobile or web accessible field forms, full data analytic dashboards and instant incident notification to corporate and field managers. See Samples here.