Mystery Shopping Data Examples
We deliver real time Mystery Shopping data with powerful drill down dashboards that quickly highlight and identify root causes and poor performance.  View some samples below of report coversheets, incorporation into dashboards, heat mapped question performance, and mapped analysis. We have over 200,000 evaluators and auditors throughout North America. CONTACT US TODAY to see what we can do for your organization.

Image 3-1
Report Coversheet
Every shop report, or audit completed inside our online tool generates great coversheet trending data..

Image 3-2
Interactive Dashborad
Your dashboard can include multiple programs as in this example of Shop data, Audit Data and DM visits.

Image 3-3
Questions & Surveys
Custom question surveys, designed to highlight impact on scores overall or for any part of your organization.

Image 3-4
Map View
You view results in Global, Continent, Country, State, Or District maps.

Image 3-5
You view scorecards for multiple programs in one view.

Image 3-6
Bottom Performers
You can identify bottom performers for targeting high risk locations.