How do I get paid or inquire about a pending payment?

Upon registration, each sub-contractor profile allows you to agree to Paypal quick payments, which are processed approximately once a month around the 10th to 15th for the previous month's shops or audit assignments. With the exception of assignments that have $25 or more in expenses, those are paid faster, within 7 to 10 business days.

If you do not use PayPal, or elect not to use PayPal, this requires you to submit an invoice to us just like any other vendor or sub-contractor that the company pays. The invoice must have a remit to address, name, and tax ID information. In addition, it must list the assignment ID and amount due. Those invoices should be sent to kparker@customrisksolutions.com for manual processing. NOTE cutting checks take much longer to process, up to 45 days. We encourage all sub-contractors to use PayPal for expediting the payment process.

In addition, NO PAYMENTS will be processed for US shoppers without tax ID information on file with us.