Our Clients and Success
Our products and services are utilized by corporations and organizations around the world. Below is a list of just a few of our case studies and client success stories.

  • CASE STUDY 1 - Corporation & Subsidiary Cohesion
  • Client Challenges- One of the largest service organizations engaged in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, industrial replacement parts, office products and electrical/electronic materials, a $15 Billion dollar corporation operating with approximately 11 different subsidiaries globally, was challenged by not having an enterprise-wide Safety & Loss Prevention program executed consistently throughout the company. The Corporation was also challenged by the limitation of a platform that would allow Board Room visibility of key regulatory and Loss Prevention/Fraud Related issues on a continual basis. In addition, in 2010, one of the main Divisions was faced with unexplained inventory losses that had been escalating for three consecutive years. 

    Remedies Implemented - We were initially engaged by this Corporation in 2010 to conduct a diagnostic of the Loss Prevention organization, which led to the development of a recalibration of the existing Loss Prevention organization. This recalibrated organization continues to be refined to-date. The first year impact following the diagnostic and implementation of the recalibration, was a decrease of more than 45% in inventory losses and they appear to have stabilized to-date.

    In 2013, CRS was engaged by the entire Corporation to develop and execute a company-wide Safety & Loss Prevention Program designed to improve the level of compliance to key regulatory and Loss Prevention issues. In addition, our Data Analytics Tool was deployed in order to provide a full service Board Room reporting tool for all Safety and Loss Prevention issues. To-date, there have been noticeable improvements in the execution of regulatory and Loss Prevention issues enterprise-wide.

    Products Delivered:

    •  We started with a custom design and build of a centralized Corporate Audit (in several languages) that would be used across all brands to create unity, but also allow for brand  specific concerns. This risk remediation strategy focused on compliance with all global regulatory requirements, as well as Loss Prevention issues.
    • A master dashboard was then developed and designed to incorporate the results uniformly across all subsidiary brands to view measurable performance. This gave the corporate 'eyes' consistently into the performance of the corporation as a whole.
    • An Action Plan module was then designed and implemented within each subsidiary brand to create accountability and corrective action tracking
    • In addition, we implemented a field accessible self auditing module for each brand to have self audit capability.
    • We implemented an Incident and Case management system for those applicable subsidiaries to include restitution tracking and incident stats.
    • We improved and replaced their current  financial write off module to improve efficiency and reporting.
    • We implemented a Customer Service evaluation to measure and train the companies expectations on customer service and retention issues.
    • We also provided Integrity shopping services to assist Loss Prevention managers with investigations.
  • CASE STUDY 2 - Retailer & Cohesiveness Company Wide
  • Client Challenges- A major retailer was challenged with lacking cohesive programs for Loss Prevention, Auditing, Training , Safety, and Customer Retention company wide.  Initially when engaged, the retailer's divisions were all using different strategies to approach these programs and the company shrink was very high. In this particular case, the client had the field resources within the Loss Prevention department, however, they needed a cohesive strategy implemented with field reporting mobile tools.

    Remedies Implemented- CRS was engaged to develop a comprehensive assessment and strategy  to create measurable and actionable data for ALL issues relative to financial profit drain.  This would include initiation of company wide Exception Reporting, Self Auditing, Incident Reporting, Associate Awareness Training, Loss Prevention and Safety 3rd Party Auditing, and Customer Service Mystery Shopping Programs.

    One year after starting the engagement, the organization shrink  reduced 45%.  The process improvements and cohesiveness of programs we provided the company are significant contributions to increased company profits.

    Products Delivered:

    • Development and delivery of Exception Reporting to designated District LP Managers for quick assessment and handling of POS issues.
    • Development of a  custom Dashboard that was accessible to unlimited company users. The Dashboard contained drill down data across all programs for measurable performance in the organization.
    • We implemented a field accessible Self Auditing Module for each District LPM to have mobile self audit capability. This eliminated the administrative burden of paper filing, faxing, and manual recreation of reports. Upon entry, data results are pushed real time to the field for action.
    • 3rd Party Auditing was conducted by CRS auditors in High Shrink locations to supplement the Loss Prevention field audits. This program would include required Action Plan follow up and tracking for failed audits.
    • We expanded the Self Auditing module to include special reporting ability for company executives to report assessments during a store visit.
    • We implemented an Incident Management reporting tools for their stores to report and push immediately to the Corporate and District management issues like Cash Shortages, Known Thefts, Recoveries , External Fraud, and Property Damage.
    • We improved and replaced their current  LP Case Management system to improve efficiency, status tracking, restitution tracking and case resolution.
    • We implemented a Customer Service evaluation to measure and train the companies expectations on customer service and retention issues. This data provided reporting on Operational Compliance throughout the organization on issues like merchandising, controls, service, promotional awareness, and managerial influence.
    • We also provided Integrity shopping services to assist Loss Prevention managers with specific internal investigation concerns.
  • CASE STUDY 3 - National Parks & Resorts Management
  • Client Challenges - The company wants to remain true to the legacy of hospitality and continue to set the standard for ecologically sound resorts that complement, not harm their natural surroundings. Each and every property managed is unique to its offering and surrounding environment. Therefore creating an extreme challenge when developing a Risk Audit program to highlight all issues creating a financial profit drain

    Remedies Implemented - We were engaged to provide the expertise necessary to quickly assess, develop strategies,  and identify gaps in policy and procedure as well as physical security related issues at each of the clients designated properties. This would include making recommendations for improvement to mitigate risks, extensive development of an Audit Program that would incorporate unique nuances of each property, and provide the Corporate Group with measurable and actionable data across all Regulatory Risk and Loss Prevention categories.

    Products Delivered

    • Research and Diagnostics were completed initially that were specific to each properties offerings, and environment. This allowed us to incorporate property specific recommendations based on state laws, historical considerations, and property size.
    • The next step was to develop a self audit that could be used by the company Risk Managers, specific to each property. This entailed an extreme level of unique question set development with technology to detect the property being audited to show or hide applicable categories.
    • Our next challenge was to insure the audit would be accessible to work offline, as most of the properties are in very remote locations.
    • Once the audit was designed, a custom Dashboard was created to show all  Regulatory and Loss Prevention performance company wide and with scorecards by property.
    • We also conducted Third Party audits at the properties to supplement the current Risk Manager group audits.
    • In 2015, an add on Action Plan module was implemented to clearly identify all corrective action needed by property, by department, with set ETA, and person responsible for each corrective step. This enhancement will allow more specific corrective action tracking and compliance.
  • CASE STUDY 4 - Retail Mystery Shopping & Brand Growth
  • Client Challenges - This particular long term client is a very well known Sporting Goods brand and we started with them over 10 years ago when they had only 12 stores open. They now have almost 100 retail stores and their brand is now offered in thousands of big box retailers around the world. Their initial challenge was creating a strong  Customer Service model and measurement that would support their brand message and help boost their continual growth. Much like their brand message, they wanted their Mystery Shopping program to have a positive impact on their employees and empower them with the tools needed for success.

    Remedies Implemented - We were engaged initially to help develop the Mystery Shop program. Point by point, this program design would focus on key training initiatives, product launches, product knowledge, suggestive selling,  operational efficiency, environmental consciousness, and world class friendly service the company expected  every customer to receive. This would also include positive initiatives, such as monthly and quarterly bonus rewards for staff and managers at locations that performed well.

    We expanded the engagement within a few years to provide a self auditing module to include a dashboard  of measurable drill down results for all programs being evaluated within the organization.

    Products Delivered

    • Branded specific Mystery Shop evaluation
    • Branded specific Dashboard that now shows Mystery Shop data compared to DM Store Visits and Corporate Audit results.
    • Automated real time report delivery
    • Full suite of analytic reporting with unlimited users.
    • A  Self Auditing module. This would be used for  DM Store Visits, Corporate Audits, Brand Risk and Loss Prevention Audits.
  • CASE STUDY 5 - Brand & Product Inspection Client
  • Client Challenges - This client is a large legal consulting firm that specializes in Governmental contracts and health regulations. They engage us often to provide field support for product authenticity inspections, contractual compliance inspections, and  other various types of inspection services. Their main challenge is the lack of field support in very remote areas and the lack of a consistent reporting mechanism to analyze findings.

    Remedies Implemented - We are engaged on a project by project basis, some re-occurring on an annual basis, to supply evaluators in very remote cities who report back their findings on our online real time reporting tool. With our abundant number of professional field auditors, we are easily able to support these projects. These inspection reports supply photo documentation, document support, and a professional written observation report. We are able to take the results and provide this client with not only real time individual reports, but analytical data of findings to include graphs, charts and specific breakout of key findings and concerns.

    Products Delivered

    • Product Inspections for Authenticity. The client's concern is knock off brands are being stocked in place of real authentic product.
    • Site Inspections for contractual compliance with merchandising, selling procedures, accurate sales staff product training and appropriate  inventory levels
    • Supporting documentation with photos, documents, and key findings analytical recaps.
  • CASE STUDY 6 - Food Industry Challenges
  • Client Challenges - This particular client manages a large fleet of food service providers within various types of establishments. They expressed growing concern with operational controls, identifying systemic loss control gaps, and food safety compliance.

    Remedies Implemented -We were engaged initially to develop an evaluation program that could be conducted discreetly via a Mystery Shopper or Auditor to review the operations of targeted locations that showed clear loss patterns. This would include observations of how food was prepared, stored, location cleanliness, staff professionalism, and most importantly transaction accuracy at the POS.

    Products Delivered

    • We developed a custom Mystery Shop evaluation to report al the key findings. This would include a 25 to 30 transaction review recap of how transactions were handled, particularly at key busy times. The report would identify unauthorized discount issues, missed items and freebies, receipts printed and offered, and cash handling concerns. 
    • We supplied trained and well equipped evaluators to perform these discreet onsite evaluations. Each provided a full report of findings in real time with photo documentation of any concerning key issues.
    • We created a custom branded client home page and dashboard to display these findings and measurement across the organization.
    • We provided supporting presentation materials to senior company leadership of the key findings to share with their field management for re-training purposes.
    • Our results have provided the Leadership team with solid insights on  internal theft issues and systemic control gaps the organization can now address specifically to reduce losses.