Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Would You Like To Become A Mystery Shopper, Auditor Or Evaluator?

We recruit thousands of individuals across the US and Canada to become independent Mystery Shopping sub-contractors. Most of our Mystery Shoppers or Auditors are professionals that work  full time jobs, and Mystery Shop part time. Mystery Shopping has many great "perks". Most of the assignments have very flexible time spans and are a great easy way to make part time income.

As a CRS Shopper, you will enter our clients business locations, posing as a normal customer to evaluate their products and services. You will be required to report back your findings to CRS in a professional online survey. Each shopper, upon registration, creates an online folder to manage all of their assignments. Our shoppers login to their online folder to view all assignments, training materials, and payment status.

You are never required to take an assignment. Our contractors simply register and search our open project board to apply for only the assignments that interest them.  In addition, we have an optional "fast alert" mobile app option to immediately view new shops available as soon as we post them in your area. 

Upon registration, you are asked questions about your work experience and background. This allows us to qualify you for specialized assignments. For example, we perform a large amount of shops that involve Loss Prevention and Operational content. Individuals that have backgrounds in Loss Prevention or Operations management, in these areas, would get first choice of these types of audit assignments. Individuals with Bar management experience listed on their application would, for example, get first priority for assignments that involve evaluating a bar. Being very detailed on your application will help you get more assignments and make you stand out from the rest.

If you are interested in becoming a CRS Mystery Shopper, you simply complete our registration process. Its absolutely free, in fact, we caution individuals to never register with any Mystery Shopping company that charges a fee to join. Legitimate Mystery Shopping companies DO NOT charge individuals to join. 

CRS is a proud member of the MSPA, an organization known worldwide and dedicated to the professional Mystery Shopping Industry.

Should you have questions that are not answered below, please contact us at

See our current project board for specialty projects we have going on at this time:
    We have a variety of shops available each month in various regions across the USA and Canada at popular retail establishiments. Grocery, Sporting Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Auto Care, Handbags, Jewelry and Pharmacy are some of the key clients with which we provide Mystery Shopping services. See our current project board to see if we have open shops near you. (New Shops are posted daily)

    We conduct thousands of in depth auditing assignments across the USA and Canada. If you have a background in Loss Prevention, Operations, or Risk Assessment, register with us, and then send your detailed resume to Due to the confidential nature of most of these types of audits, you will not see these posted on our open project board by location. Project managers contact qualified registered auditors directly when needed.
    All sub-contracted auditors are subject to criminal background screening

    In addition, we offer Inventory Support to many of our retail clients by providing additional counting resources. Sub-contracted Counters are paid $20 per hour in most cases and work 6 to 8 hr shifts. Persons having experience with scanners and inventory projects are given first preference. See our current project board for open inventory assignments.