Why Mystery Shopping Is Important To Your Business
Businesses pay millions of dollars per year in advertising. Getting customers in the door is only the first step. Once they are there, you want to make sure that every part of their experience is a positive one and that they are indeed receiving the quality of service you want to be delivering.

Mystery Shopping is an effective and unique program using professional evaluators to perform customer shopping scenarios and report on every aspect of their experience.   Unlike generic customer feedback, Mystery Shoppers are armed with every detail of your operating expectations to provide an objective factual based report.

Demystify Your Business.

Mystery Shopper feedback provides valuable insights which take the mystery out of service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and industry excellence.  A well-managed Mystery Shopping program offers flexible form design, a variety of survey delivery options, Instant Feedback Response questions, and real-time reporting allows you to compose a realistic and clear image of your business.  See our interactive dashboard tools here.

• Standards: Ensure that your locations consistently maintain company standards no matter what the scenario.

• Compliance: Verify that your staff is in compliance with ethical and legal requirements.

• Security: Monitor staff integrity concerning customer transactions – are they giving proper receipts, correct change, accurate tallies?

• Training: Needs Assessment: Determine the strongest and weakest links in your service chain and what training is indicated, as well as track the effectiveness of the training provided

• Continuous Improvement: Identify best practices to allow each location and staff member to achieve excellence.

• Incentives: Spotlight those in your organization who deserve recognition for service excellence and job performance

• Industry Excellence: Clearly see how your company benchmarks against the best-of-breed companies in your industry by service, price, or both

• Competition Monitor: Target your direct competitors to compare and evaluate customer experiences and advance your marketing strategy.


  • On Site Evaluations for Service, Compliance, Promotions, Integrity
  • Third Party Dealer Contract Merchandising Standards
  • Brand Protection & Unauthorized Sales
  • Age Restricted - Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Competitor Evaluations
  • Telephone Recorded Shops
  • Web Site Sales Experience
  • Product Testing & Counts
  • IVR /ICR Customer Perception Surveys
  • Customer E-Surveys

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We are proud long term members of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.